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Direct Pour Method

The direct pour method only takes 2-3 minutes to apply and can be used on pipes with a diameter of 8 inches or less, which are too small for the FDU 300. The direct pour method can also be useful on larger-diameter pipes with extreme blockages in which the 300 applicator cannot be attached.

Treating small lines and service laterals (6-10 inches)

RootX Application Chart

RootX Application Chart

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Step 1

direct pour method step 1

Take the RootX bag out of the box and remove the tie separating the two chemicals.

Step 2

direct pour method step 2

Grasp both ends of the bag and rock it back and forth for about a minute to mix the two chemicals together. For RootX to work properly, the chemicals must be completely mixed, creating a uniform gray mixture throughout the bag.

Step 3

direct pour method step 3

Pour the mixed RootX chemical directly from the package into the upstream manhole or cleanout.

Step 4

direct pour method step 4

Immediately pour five gallons of water per pound of RootX used. The water will activate the root-killing foam.

Step 5

direct pour method step 5

The natural flow of the line carries the foam down the pipe, coating the roots and pipe walls. The RootX foam leaves a barrier on the pipe to prevent re-growth.