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About RootX

RootX introduced and patented as a root control formula in 1994. RootX was engineered to limit the exposure issues and environmental impacts that other root control formulas were producing, and to remove pipeline roots without affecting the treatment systems at the wastewater treatment plant downstream. RootX was also engineered for fast, simple and cost-effective applications that don't require extensive training or expensive add-on equipment.

For over 25 years, RootX has been a simple, effective and proven solution for pipeline root control.

About RootX
RootX Markets

RootX and Grease-X are sold to Professional Drain Cleaners, Municipal Sewer Departments, Municipal Sewer Contractors, Property Management Companies or any organization or individual who is dealing with pipeline root or grease problems.

Municipalities use RootX and Grease-X as part of their maintenance program. The simplicity and effectiveness of RootX and Grease-X applications allow a Municipal Sewer Department to do their own effective root and grease control on their own schedule, not on the contractor's schedule. Drain Cleaning companies include RootX and Grease-X as part of their service, allowing them to offer an effective solution for their customers' sewer line problems.

Homeowners can access RootX through our extensive Authorized Dealer Program.