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Clear Back-ups Quickly.

Grease-X is the effective solution to clear hot spots where fats, oils and grease (FOG) are likely to build up. Grease-X uses nature's own microorganisms to break down and digest FOG and other odor-causing organic wastes and restore flow. It's low impact, non-caustic and non-polluting.

Grease-X Biozyme

Our Biozyme solution digests FOG and keeps drains clear. Our Grease-X Biozyme formula is a preventive maintenance treatment to keep FOG from building up in pipelines. Highly concentrated microorganisms coat pipes and digest FOG and other organic matter.

Natural, non-caustic, non-polluting

Clear Back-ups Quickly.

Grease-X Biodeodorizer

Eliminate pipeline odor at the source with Grease-X Biodeodorizer, a highly concentrated formula of microbes that digest odor-causing wastes and free enzymes that act as catalysts to chemically alter odor-causing materials.

Contains no hazardous chemicals, acids or solvents.