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How can Grease-X cure problems with fats, oils and grease (FOG) in your wastewater system?

Grease-X Emulsifier and Grease-X Jet emulsify FOG to clear blockages and restore pipeline flow. That treats the immediate symptoms. Then, regular treatments with Grease-X Biozyme provide the long-term cure. Not only do the microbes in Grease-X Biozyme digest FOG, they reproduce and form colonies, coating pipe walls and digesting FOG as it passes through the line well after the initial treatment. In addition, this slick coating prevents grease from sticking to and building up on pipe walls.

Does Grease-X use caustic chemicals?

No. All Grease-X formulas are free of corrosive or caustic chemicals, and they contain no halogenated solvents such as trichloroethylene or carbon tetrachloride. Grease-X Emulsifier and Grease-X Jet are both non-polluting and biodegradable, which makes them ideal for meeting Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. Grease-X Biozyme and Grease-X Biodeodorizer use only natural microorganisms that are harmless to humans, plants and animals. Consult the Grease-X Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for further information:

Grease-X Biozyme MSDS
Grease-X Deodorizer MSDS
Grease-X Emulsifier MSDS
Grease-X Jet MSDS

Can Grease-X damage any part of the wastewater collection system?

No. Unlike corrosive chemicals and cutting equipment, Grease-X will not damage your wastewater collection system. In fact, Grease-X is actually good for your system. The microbes in Grease-X Biozyme create a slick coating on pipeline walls to improve flow. Plus, Grease-X Biozyme effectively biodegrades detergents that can lower surface tension of wastewater, improving wastewater plant efficiency by 30 to 40 percent.

Once I've started treating lines with Grease-X, how economical is maintenance?

Grease-X costs less than two cents per foot, per week. And that’s for an 8-inch pipe with heavy grease input from several restaurants. You’ll also save with Grease-X because you can use your own crews and equipment. And you won’t have the cost of backups and service interruptions.

If the microbes in Grease-X Biozyme reproduce, why do I need to reapply it weekly?

Although Grease-X Biozyme microbes do reproduce, they are susceptible to toxins and other chemicals commonly flowing through wastewater treatment systems. Regular applications of Grease-X Biozyme ensures a steady supply of grease-digesting microbes.

Do Grease-X and RootX work together?

Yes. Grease-X and RootX attack different problems in wastewater collection systems. Grease-X products break down and digest fats, oils and grease that can clog pipelines and lift stations. RootX kills roots that can intrude into and clog pipelines. They complement each other, and applying one does not disrupt the effectiveness of the other.

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