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FDU 300

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FDU 300

US Patent No.: US 10,946,397 B1

RootX applicator FDU300

The newest weapon in the war on roots.

Introducing the new FDU 300 applicator — perfect for quick and easy mainline application. With new stainless steel construction, you can treat a 300-400 foot line segment in only 10 minutes. Use the FDU 300 applicator with existing jetter equipment to avoid expensive retrofitting. With up to a three-year guarantee on 8-inch and larger pipes, you can't afford to pass on the FDU 300 for your root control needs.


Contact us today to get more information on starting affordable, efficient root control with the FDU 300.

FDU 300 Technical Data Sheet

FDU 300 Technical Data Sheet

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FDU 300 applicator kit

FDU 300 applicator in use in a pipe