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The fastest way to eliminate Fats, Oils, and Grease (F.O.G.)

 Anyone who has ever spent time using a jetter understands that when you run into F.O.G. (Fats, Oils and Grease), it can be difficult to clean the line and get the pipes flowing again.  So what do you do when you run into a blocked or slow running pipe caused by F.O.G.? You use Grease-X Jet.  The Jet is a water-based, concentrated heavy-duty liquid cleaner that will penetrate any form of fats, oils and grease and emulsifies them on contact with high pressure water.  Grease-X Jet is mixed in your jetter at a ratio of 1 gallon to 100 gallons of water and will foam as it comes out your jetter nozzle.

The application is quite simple. As you jet at high pressure through the pipe it will fill the entire pipe with Grease-X Jet foam coating all of the walls. When the operator gets to the end of the pipe you allow the jet to sit in the pipe for at least ten minutes or up to twenty minutes for heavy grease.  Then turn on your jetter to high pressure and slowly pull back your nozzle as you continue jetting. This will peel off the grease and emulsify it not allowing it to re-coagulate further down the pipe and there are no harsh chemicals that will negatively impact the environment, wastewater treatment plants or damage the pipe. It is a very simple process and the best part is there is no need for any additional costly equipment.

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Grease-X Jet In Action

Here is a picture of Grease-X Jet in action.


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Grease-X Solves The Problem Of "Restaurant Row"

It’s a common problem in many cities large and small. Picture it, a series of fast-food and other restaurants strung along a busy street.

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Grease-X Lightens The Load On Wastewater Treatment Plants

While conventional chemical wastewater treatments break up accumulated FOG, all they can do by themselves is move the FOG downstream, making your wastewater treatment plants work harder.

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Grease-X Eliminates Odors At The Source

No doubt about it, some waste really stinks. But the residents of your city don’t want to smell it, especially in their neighborhoods.

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Grease-X Emulsifier vs. Grease-X Biozyme

Both products work great to eliminate FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) blockage and restore pipeline flow. The difference between the two products is their main purpose and use.

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