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Vacuum Method

The vacuum method only takes 5-10 minutes to apply, and can be used on a pipe with a diameter of 10 inches or less, which are too small for the FDU 300. This method is ideal for 6-10 inch pipes up to 300 feet in length.


  • One – 40 lb box of RootX
  • 25-30 Gallons of water
  • Jetter Truck
RootX Application Chart

RootX Application Chart

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Step 1

rootx vacuum method step 1

Assemble the equipment needed at the upstream manhole. You will need one 40 lb. box of RootX and 25-30 gallons of water.

Step 2

rootx vacuum method step 2

Set up the jetter truck at the down stream manhole. Have the jetter truck operator run a cleaning nozzle up the line far enough to get that vacuum effect going at the upstream manhole. Jetting 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the line is usually sufficient. Turn off the water pressure.

Step 3

rootx product prep step 1

While the jetter truck setting up downstream, take the RootX bag out of the box and remove the tie separating the two chemicals.

Step 4

rootx product prep step 2

Grasp both ends of the bag and rock it back and forth for about a minute to mix the two chemicals together. For RootX to work properly, the chemicals must be completely mixed, creating a uniform gray mixture throughout the bag.

Step 5

rootx product prep step 3

Pour the RootX into the manhole directing it toward the outgoing invert or downstream side. Try to direct as much as possible into the trough as opposed to on the bench. You want the product to flow down the line and foam up, and not just foam up inside the manhole.

Step 6

rootx product prep step 4

Have the jetter truck operator turn on the cleaner nozzle again to create that vacuum effect at the upstream manhole. Once the vacuum effect is achieved add the 25-30 gallons of water to activate the RootX and to get it to flow down the line. Even though the RootX is gone from the manhole continue to add the remaining water to carry the foam down the line.

Step 7

rootx vacuum method step 3

Once the water is poured, the jetter truck operator should continue to run his cleaner nozzle and retrieve the jetter hose.

Step 8

rootx vacuum method step 4

When the jetter truck operator witness’s residual foam at the downstream manhole he can turn off the water pressure and retrieve his hose out of the line. The application is now complete and you are ready for another RootX application.