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Satisfied Homeowner

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me earlier this week about our problem with roots in our old clay sewer line. I called one of the plumbing companies you recommended, and Randy came out today. He took out the roots and I watched him apply the RootX.

Our conversation saved us, literally, hundreds of dollars. We will be using your product regularly from now on. And I will make sure to mention your product to anyone I hear that has the same problem we suffered from.




Russel Hayer

We have approximately 1,200 septic systems on a regularly scheduled inspection program. We have been using RootX for about four years and have seen a significant reduction of root infiltration in our drain fields and distribution boxes, resulting in significant savings to our homeowners.

Russel Hayer

The Sea Ranch Water Company

The Sea Ranch, CA

Bedford Sewer & Drain

RootX is like an insurance policy on your sewer. Regular treatments can help you avoid spending thousands of dollars replacing a pipe.

Bedford Sewer & Drain

Brooklyn, NY

V.C. Centracchio & Son, Inc.

It’s [RootX] a big time saver for us and a money saver for our customers. We’re able to keep roots out of their sewers without digging them up. That makes our customers happy…so they recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

V.C. Centracchio & Son, Inc.

Mount Prospect, IL