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Top 10 Answers - “Why RootX”


  • Tree roots will start to regrow within a few weeks of cutting potentially causing a repeatroot blockage without a RootX application.
  • Cutting alone encourages and stimulates new growth like pruning a tree. The roots will come back thicker and stronger causing further pipe damage.
  • RootX is non-systemic so it will not harm the tree or plant.
  • RootX is non-caustic so it will not damage the pipe.
  • RootX foams on contact with water to kill the roots at the top and sides of the pipe where the majority of roots enter.
  • RootX has low environmental impact.
  • EPA registered in all 50 states (EPA Reg. No. 68464-1) and Canada (PCP Act Reg. No. 26435)
  • RootX not only kills the roots but is guaranteed to prevent a blockage due to live roots for 1 year when applied by a plumbing professional. (Customer registration required)
  • RootX offers a complimentary annual reminder when it is time to schedule another annual RootX treatment with your plumber.
  • RootX is Simple to apply, Effective in sewer lines, storm lines and septic systems* and RootX is Proven to work over the companies 23-year history. (*Not for use in septic systems in the State of Florida)
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