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When looking at a tree during the winter month’s one would think that the tree is dormant and not growing. Although the tree appears this way the trees roots however are continuing to grow. Tree roots are in search of water, oxygen, nutrients and warmth 12 months out of the year. The warm water flowing through the sewer lines creates water vapor to escape into the cold soil around it, therefore, attracting tree roots.

The next step for the roots is to infiltrate the pipe where it is warm for them to survive and get nutrients during the cold months. This is when RootX comes into play. No matter the time of the year RootX will have an effect on any tree roots in the sewer line.

So, Will RootX have an effect on tree roots during the winter months? The correct answer is YES. No matter the time of the year RootX will kill the roots that it comes into contact.   

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