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RootX And What It Can Do For You!!

Miguel Lizaole, Plumbing Consultant

RootX have been around for 20 plus years, which can say a lot about the product itself. It is recommended that the best times to apply RootX are spring and fall. This is the time tree roots are looking for nutrients and when the roots would be the most susceptible to RootX, however RootX can be applied all year round.

When you find a severe root problem, first of all you can cut or jet out the root mass. Then you can either treat with RootX with in the first hour of cutting or wait 6-8 weeks and then go back in and do a RootX treatment. Ideally the 6-8 week time frame is the best one, because treating new root growth is always preferred over treating newly damaged root tissue. Damaged tissue doesn’t absorb the RootX at as high a rate as actively growing roots that are vigorously feeding.

The one difference with RootX is that RootX is a contact herbicide, which means that it will only kill what it comes in contact with. So if you have some large root masses you may kill the outer layer of roots and then need to do a subsequent RootX application to kill the remaining roots. So I would suggest doing a first RootX application to kill most of the roots then come back in in 2-3 months and jet or cut off all of the dead roots and re-apply the RootX to kill off what is remaining and prevent that new growth.  Just make sure to do an annual RootX application for 4 and 6 inch lines and an application every 2-3 years on 8 inch and larger lines.

If you have any further questions or specific issues always feel free to contact us here at RootX at (800)844-4974 or email us at

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