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RootX Foam


Occasionally there is a misconception that RootX has not foamed during an application.  Has RootX not foamed or did the foam not appear as far down the pipe as was expected? More than likely the foam did not appear as far down the pipe as expected.  RootX will always foam if you mix the two components of RootX and add water.  The challenge is getting the foam down the pipe in a consistent manner.


In explanation of how the RootX foaming action works, when you mix the two dry components of RootX (the herbicide mixture and foaming agent) you create a CO2 gas, when you add water to this mixture you create an herbicidal foam.  The initial foaming of RootX is the most important part of the application.  This is because during the initial foaming action the bubbles are small and dense.  The density at this point allows the RootX formula to be moved down the pipe much easier.  As the foaming process continues the bubbles get much bigger and start rubbing up against the pipewalls.  The friction of the bubbles against the pipewalls slows the foam travel down.  Also as the bubbles get bigger the foam becomes lighter than the water.  So as the bigger bubbles are slowing down because of the friction against the pipewalls and also becoming lighter than the water, the heavier water starts to run underneath the foam coming out in a milky looking slurry.  To reduce the slowdown of the RootX foam and to get more pipe coverage, we suggest adding 5 gallons per pound of RootX used.  The water should be done either all at once, one 5 gallon bucket right after the other.  What this does is it starts activating the foaming action but the immediate follow up of water pushes the still dense foaming action further down the pipe where the bigger bubbles start to get to the top of the pipe.


 The one thing you will have to remember is that since the foam of RootX is created by chemical reaction, that you will not get a shaving cream type foam that comes from air injection.  Also if you do not get the RootX all the way down the pipe there is some herbicidal vapor that comes off the chemical reaction which can do some damage to the root tissue as well.


Thank you for using RootX to solve your pipeline root problems!




Parke Raffensperger



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