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Root-Xperts Testimonials

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Steve Cijka - Town of Brandon, VT

There are only two of us on the crew to maintain six pump stations, 22 miles of sewer line, and a 700,000 gpd design extended aeration wastewater plant. Being I am 61 and my assistant is 55, we strive to work smarter not harder. The town manager has allowed us to buy a small pallet of RootX at a time to treat a substantial area, so in approximately 4.5 years we would have treated the whole system once.

Steve Cijka

Town of Brandon, VT

Brandon, VT

Tom Hofteig

Pipeline root control used to be like putting out fires. Since we implemented a systematic maintenance program using RootX, we’ve cut root intrusion to the point where the video inspections show some pipes are still root-free after two years.

Tom Hofteig

Ojai Valley Sanitary District

Ojai, CA

Darwin Haney

About six weeks after treating a line with RootX, our crews will send a camera back down the pipe to check on the results. Not only can they see evidence of root decay, there are also clear traces of the foam on the pipe walls. RootX is doing the job that I want it to do.

Darwin Haney

Ponca City Water and Wastewater Department

Ponca City, OK

Ralph Palomares

RootX kills roots, and it’s simple and easy to apply. Our crews have applied RootX for over six years now. RootX kills the roots and keeps them out for 12 to 18 months. And you know that if you can use it in California, you can use it anywhere.

Ralph Palomares

El Toro Water District

Lake Forest, CA

Terry Ellis

RootX does not have some of the safety concerns that our previous product had, it’s easier for the operators to apply, it and does not require any additional equipment. It works well for us.

Terry Ellis

City of Ashland

Ashland, OR